5 Tips for Getting Ready for Puppy: Friday Facts


It’s time for a new puppy at our house! Our grandpa dog, the friend that keeps appearing in my posts, is 13. He’s a big guy, and we are enjoying every additional day of health and vitality he has at this point. Being that he is an absolute legend and totally irreplaceable, the best we can hope for is that he can cuddle our new puppy through his weaning and adjustment to a new home, and teach him all of the great tricks of getting along in our human world. In the best case scenario, the new puppy will be half the friend he has been to us, and he will have a furry companion in his old age.

Oh, who am I kidding? We will be in love with this puppy in two seconds flat, and we won’t even notice the chewed shoes and puddles on the floor.

Anyway, kind of like some parents I know who wait a long time in between having kids, we now are in a situation where lots of things have changed since the last time we had a puppy in the house. So today’s Friday Facts is focused on what the hell I need to do to get ready for this.

  1. Veterinarian Care: Cesar Milan recommends several great tips for keeping our puppy healthy, and one of the items on the list is spaying or neutering the pup at 4-6 months of age. Also critical is ensuring our puppy is vaccinated, dewormed, and kept free of fleas and ticks.
  2. Budgeting for Puppy Needs: Aside from puppy food and the vet care mentioned above, it’s recommended that we plan on at least a few hundred dollars per year in expenses. One of the things that surprised me about having a Goldendoodle is that he needs haircuts on a regular basis, and for a dog of his size, that can easily cost close to $100 with a tip for your groomer. And you absolutely can’t do it yourself; believe me, we tried, and even with a very patient dog, we got pretty hilarious results.
  3. Pet Insurance: Pet insurance 13 years ago didn’t cover much and was kind of expensive. It was hard to find value, and we didn’t consider it. Things have changed, and it may make sense for you if you think you might end up in a situation where you are at the emergency vet with your pet and you can’t pay for treatment your best friend needs. Check this out this video to find out if pet insurance is right for you.
  4. The Fun Part-Toys: My absolute favorite toy for adult dogs is the seek-a-treat kind of puzzle toy that gets them thinking and rewards learning. It’s a good fit for dogs that are really food motivated and love to train and seek approval. That’s our dog to a “T” and this toy is easily his favorite ever. But when it comes to puppies, teething and busy toys are better. Hard nylon toys with bumps are great for sore gums, as is a puppy-sized Kong filled with frozen peanut butter. Avoid squeaker toys and stuffed toys because aggressive chewers can easily end up with an intestinal blockage from swallowing dangerous items. Also, rawhide and bones are not for puppies.
  5. One New Feeding Solution: I had never seen these years ago, but I am sold on the benefits of this dog bowl for fast feeders that choke down their food. It is a fun way to slow that puppy down at mealtime.

Stay tuned for puppy pics in a couple of months! Enjoy your weekend.

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Photo courtesy of goldendoodlesofcolorado.com


Author: Kelly Marinelli

HR Consultant & employment compliance geek

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