I took a Blogcation this week. Part of the reason was that I was at SHRM16 in DC, and I didn’t want to distract myself by doing actual work when I was trying to learn, explore and network. The other reason is that I wanted to totally digest the experience and mull it over before I start to write about it. I am feeling inspired so I am getting together some topics to dig into next week, so more to come on that.

One observation I will share with you as a preview is this: when HR pros get together, they are unrelentingly real-there is a vulnerability and recognition that makes for fast friendships. We share an experience that binds us together instantly, and even the most introverted and curmudgeonly of us will bond when mixed, kind of like a chemical reaction. In that setting, you can learn so much, so fast, and on such a deep level, that you come away like you didn’t just develop, you changed.

I’ll be back next week with some SHRM nuggets. Speaking of Nugget, I need to go feed my sister’s chickens. Have a great weekend.

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Photo credit: Simeon Berg via / CC BY


Author: Kelly Marinelli

HR Consultant & employment compliance geek

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