Friday Facts: Puppy Crate Training

Friday Facts-Puppy Crate Training

I have been reading a lot about puppy crate training lately. Disclosure: I am a poor crate trainer. Fourteen years ago, I tried to do it with my first Doodle, and failed miserably. I hate hearing puppies cry.

I read a lot of articles about the right way to crate train, and learned that the best way to do it is to get the puppy to want to go in the crate of his own accord. This is easier said than done. This puppy will even avoid eating his food in order to stay away from the crate. I put the bowl inside the crate and the most he will do is to take a few bites, with his back legs stretched way out in order to keep them out of the crate.

Next I will be trying to give him some bits of chicken or so-called “high-value treats” to get him to venture further in. In the meantime, here is what my puppy likes to do:


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Photo Credit: Kelly Marinelli


Author: Kelly Marinelli

HR Consultant & employment compliance geek

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