Run for Fun

run 13er

I have been running half marathons every weekend lately. It can get costly, but it rejuvenates me in a way that I just can’t get from any other activity. It’s cheaper and more effective than therapy, it’s less disruptive to my life than medical problems and the care that go with them, and it adds untold joy to my life.

I have been running for 25 years. I’m by no means a great athlete. From the start, I did it because it proved to me I could be strong. I do it still for that reason. I recently became introduced to an organization called Running Start, which supports women as they make their journey toward becoming runners. There are other groups like this one as well, but I saw Running Start firsthand at the Skirt Sports 13er on Sunday, where a big group of new runners participated in the races, and were cheered on by their Running Start mentors. What a wonderful way to share joy and confidence and health with other women!

If you haven’t ever run a race, or you haven’t done it in a while, consider signing up for that 5K or 10K race in your area. Summer is a time when events like these are often going on close to everyone, and if you can’t find an event, consider participating virtually. Get a group of friends together, and celebrate the summer by getting active!

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Photo Credit: Kelly Marinelli, at Skirt Sports 13er Half Marathon